Sunday, April 27, 2014

Going Nuts for Doughnuts!

I love doughnuts!  A few days a go, I bought my first Krispy Kreme doughnut in over a year.  It felt like such an accomplishment when I finally held that golden, deep-fried, sugar-glazed ring in my hands.  In fact, I almost teared up taking that first bite -- it was a beautiful moment, haha!  I used to love Krispy Kreme as a kid; I remember how my mouth watered whenever I walked by the Krispy Kreme store in the mall.  I could never resist the warm, sweet, fresh cooked doughnut aroma that filled the air around the store.  Now, I rarely ever get doughnuts, especially Krispy Kreme.  So, when I finally began to devour that coveted golden round, I savored every bite and tried my best not to swallow the doughnut too fast.  

After my Krispy Kreme experience, I had serious doughnut cravings for days.  Unfortunately for me, there isn't a Krispy Kreme near where I live, and I can't realistically travel miles and miles for a specific doughnut.  But, fortunately for me, on one of my rare morning walks, I stumbled upon this cute little doughnut shop.  They had an interesting selection of flavors that I wouldn't expect for a doughnut, like maple bacon (that's right, BACON <3) and red velvet.  I tried their peanut-butter chocolate, and it was very tasty: not too sweet, neither the chocolate nor the peanut was too overpowering and a few peanut pieces topped it off.  The doughnut itself was a lot thicker and not as "melt-in-your-mouth" as my favorite Krispy Kreme, but it was still soft, moist, and, most importantly, tasted great!  I enjoyed every bite of that doughnut almost as much as the Krispy Kreme.  

Doughnuts are my weakness!  Maybe it's a blessing that I don't have easy access to doughnuts because otherwise, I would be feasting on those sugary fritters all day every day.  

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