Friday, February 21, 2014

A table with a view

My friends and I did a little sight seeing and had dinner at the 360 restaurant. It was our first time at the restaurant, and because we were so excited for this dinner, the four of us decided to dress up; I think we were a little overdressed. But,  it's not everyday we get to eat in a revolving restaurant so might as well treat it like a grand occasion, right? 

We arrived at around 5pm so we would be sure to catch the sunset (we were actually the first guests at the restaurant). Again, we were over excited and took pictures all night long. I hope the other guests weren't annoyed. 

We ordered the prix fixe menu, which was a set 3 course meal (you get to choose the dishes). I found the servings really big, but my friends all agreed that it was just enough (my stomach is smaller, I guess). And, I'm not going to lie, the bill was pricy, but it was worth it (I say to console my wallet). Watching the sky change from day to night was breathtaking and it made the food more enjoyable! Every course had a different view. You can see in the pictures how the sky gets darker from the appetizer to the dessert. Plus, the restaurant rotated all through the night, so we also got a different view of the city. 

I definitely recommend eating there at least once just for the experience. It's not everyday you get to dine in the sky. 

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