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A long, long, long time ago, I used to write poems for fun.  I found this poem I wrote nearly two years ago and I  haven't read it since (now I think it's really funny).   The poem I wrote is a prequel to Goldilocks and the Three Bears: it's about Goldilocks' life before she wandered into the Three Bears' house. I figured we don't know much about her, so why not imagine her a background story?  I think at the time I was inspired by Gregory Maguire's "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister", which is a prequel to Cinderella (it was a good read, btw).

And, without further ado, here's an excerpt from my version of how Goldilocks might have started:

Happy Reading!!!

Goldilocks: Before the Three Bears

Pretty, little Goldilocks was always adored
By the people around her, who could say more.
She was beautiful, poised and looked like a flower,
It was hard to ignore her adorable power.

But what was hard to guess, was this little one's life,
She wasn't the daughter of a millionaire's wife.
Young Goldilocks' world was buried in strife.
She lived in poverty and that cut her like a knife.

Goldilocks felt that she was far too pretty
To be living with those who were just petty
She wanted to move to a glamorous city
Where she could eat lots of food without feeling pity.

She admired her wealthy neighbours who always looked well
She wanted to be like them.  If only she could tell
One of the rich to save her from the life she calls hell.
A life she never wanted, the life where she fell.

"If only I was rich,"  the girl imagined one day,
"I just want a mansion not a hut made of hay."
 Goldilocks lived in a shack far out of the way
From the busy town where she worked for little pay.

She worked as a sweeper in the town's open streets
With her old, ugly broom it was hardly ever a treat.
But Goldilocks was good at being pretty, indeed,
The people in town gave her whatever she pleased.

All the people, rich or poor, loved Goldi for her looks
They always say it's like she walked right out of a book
Pink ribbons from the parlour, fresh cookies from the cook
Whatever she wanted, she simply asked for and took.

And if there was something that she couldn't get,
Little Goldi never worried, Little Goldi never ever fret
She would sneak around when no one could see her
And stole what she needed and whatever pleased her.


(I didn't post the whole thing because it's quite lengthy)

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