Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cutie Pies

I just watched Michelle Phan's latest video on dealing with long distance relationships and meeting her French boyfriend, Dom, and OOH LA LA! Let me tell you, Michelle's story sounded like a total fairy tale! I couldn't believe that how they met was true. Her love story is so perfect that you could write a teen romance novel about it!  Actually, it's more dramatic than a teen novel.  I'm still freaking out! It's literally too good to be true and it makes me want to fall in love! (But I doubt my love story would be nearly as magical as her's). 

I don't want to summarize the whole love story, but Dominique pretty much approached michelle like an angel from the heavens and offered her his assistance in Paris (the city of love), like a true gentleman! Then, they fell in love, kissed under the Eiffel Tower (so romantic) and lived happily ever after! Ugh! They were truly meant to be together. It was perfect! 

Why can't we all be as lucky as Michelle Phan in finding love? 

Watch the video in YouTube it's too cute! 

( I made some little blueberry pies too) 


  1. looking tasty!!!

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    1. Thanks! And, I'll definitely check out your blog :)