Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marshmallow Toast

 I tried this "cafeteria" in Chinatown with two of my friends.  It didn't look like the typical Chinese restaurant (you know the ones that smell like soy sauce with the white bowls and chopsticks on the plastic covered tables). This place was very urban chic: it had exposed brick walls and industrial, vintage decor. I felt like we were in Starbucks and almost forgot we were in Chinatown until the food came. 

The food was great. We came here for dessert and there were so many good choices; I wanted to try everything. In the end we ordered marshmallow toast (it was like s'mores on bread instead of graham crackers), egg pudding (in egg shells), strawberry cheesecake (the best!), chicken knees, beef noodle soup and milk tea with tapioca. We went here after dinner, so I wasn't hungry at all, but the food was so good I couldn't stop eating, haha!!! I swear, we finished eating in less than half an hour.  I was so full! 

I'm definitely coming back here, especially for the milk tea. 




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