Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lunch Time

Back in elementary school, what you packed for lunch was a big deal; heck, lunch time itself was a big deal.  Anyway, I remember my classmates circling the lunchroom like vultures, ready to finish off their prey with the typical elementary lunchtime questions:  "Ooh! What do you have?" "Can I try a piece?" and, the ever popular "Want to trade?".  It was imperative that you brought at least one "trade-able" lunch item in case the kid next to you had something really good for lunch (which was usually the case).

Now that the elementary lunchroom days are long gone, it's nice to still keep lunch time exciting.  This passed few days I traded my usual lunch time soup and salad for more flavorful choices:

Chicken Gyros with Fries.  This was really tasty, though, I wasn't a fan of having the fries in the pita.

Nando's Chicken.  I loved this!

Classic Caesar Salad.  Not the most adventurous meal, but still delicious!
Eggplant Sandwich with hard boiled eggs and tomatoes.  I felt like a total health buff with this sandwich.  

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