Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Little Cupcake

Once upon at time, in land far, far, far away, there lived a chubby, little, cupcake-obsessed ballerina. You see, my mother bought me a cupcake every Saturday morning after my ballet class. What a way to reward your over-weight child after her weekly, low-impact exercise session, right? And, every week, the hungry (and sweaty) ballerina, in her tight, pink tutu and leotards, ran excitedly into the warm, sweet smelling patisserie like it was her first time. The pastel colored frosting and sparkling sprinkles greeted her like a scene out of the Nutcracker ballet. The cupcakes only came in two flavors: pound and chocolate, but I always had fun choosing the different icing decorations: every week was a different color, sprinkle and swirl pattern. And, with her weekly dose of cupcake in hand, the baby ballerina twirled giddily like an icing covered sugarplum princess until the next visit. It's safe to say that I might have been a little obsessed back then. 

These days, cupcakes aren't really my go to treat anymore, but I do enjoy them now and again. What can I say, they cupcakes bring back sweet memories. I still can't resist the loveliness of the swirly icing either!

Pictures above:
1. Prairie Girl Cupcakes
2. a friend baked these
3. Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

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