Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hearty Chilli

There is an odd sense of serenity and peace that comes with dining alone. As I have mentioned a thousand times before, I frequently eat alone in restaurants and enjoy it. Most people don't understand the point of eating alone, but I guarantee once you get over the fear of eating alone, you'll see that it's actually not lonely.

 Today, I ate lunch solo at this 1950s themed diner (because what other theme would a diner take?).  I ordered a vegetarian chilli and a warm slice of apple pie. Do you ever find that diners always serve insanely large portions? I couldn't finish this bowl of chilli. I tried my best but I also had to save room in my stomach for the apple pie. I was so full after this meal. It felt like my stomach was still digesting my lunch at dinner time. I thought I was going to explode, I actually felt my belly grow 2 sizes. 
Lesson learned: never ever ever over eat on vegetable chilli. That stuff (no matter how tasty) takes forever to digest. 

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