Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hot Pot

Yay for Korean food!  Last weekend I went to this Korean restaurant for hot pot.  I really like how you get to cook your own food in Korean restaurants, (well, it depends on what you order).  It adds to the experience, and I find that you get to appreciate your food more that way, even if it's just watching the soup boil in the burner.  Plus, when you're with friends you get to bond over your lack of culinary skills.  Last month I f=brought one f my friends to Korean bbq for the first time.  At first she freaked out at the raw meat, but it didn't take long for her to get used to it.  She cooked the meat for the whole table that night!  Ahhh rambling off topic.... back to the pork bones....

We ordered pork bone soup, seafood pancake and chicken soup.  Sorry, I don't know the proper Korean terms for them.  The pork bone soup was definitely my favorite though (and, the only one I got pictures of).  It was hot and spice and went perfectly with rice.  And, did I mention they served it on a mini stove burner? I like biting the meat of the bone, it's so much easier than using chopsticks and you get all the meat out too.  A messy task, but worth it, you wouldn't want to waste food, after all.

Looks like a pot of gold!

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