Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Friends and Cake

Mmmmmmm....  desserts are my weakness!  I can't eat a meal without dessert at the end-- my meal just wouldn't be complete without it.

Banana Chocolate Cake

Anyway, the other night I and three other girls went to this little cafe near our residence for dessert.  It's a really trendy place-- it had a very modern-vintage-artsy-urban vibe, and even the servers looked like the really artsy-poetic-black-coffee-drinking types. I had been to this place once on my own during the day when it was empty and relaxed, I really liked the ambiance so I recommended we went there.  At night, the place totally comes alive though. It was a huge difference from when I was last there.   The place was full. Everyone there seemed to be unwinding with their friends after a long week.

the water was even in a really cool bottle
Now, the people I went with, we weren't really close friends (except for one who was my roomie).   We all knew each other and we talked once in a while, but, we never really went to hang out all together.  After we ordered our cake we all kept repeating over and over how excited we were to be there.  blah.  blah.  blah.  Until finally we got tired of proclaiming our excitement.  So, you can imagine the next few minutes spent eating our cakes was in a very awkward silence.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Slowly, we warmed up and we started talking about...well, everything! We started laughing about how unhealthy we were but how no one should care because the dessert was delicious (typical girl stuff).  And then it was almost like we went for dessert every week end.  We ended up staying in the place until 11:30.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake
I'm glad we didn't get more awkward, otherwise, the evening would have been a disaster.  It was really lucky that we all decided to out together after dinner too.   I don't even remember who started the conversation about dessert that evening.

Top view of the banana cake

PS  sorry for the bad pictures; it was really dark and I only had my phone.

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