Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amen for Ramen

To end the week of right, my roommates and I spent the morning of our day off at the gym sweating and burning off the week's calories. We felt so accomplished afterwards: we walked out like Olympic athletes who just won gold. Don't you ever feel that way after a good workout?

So how do we spend the rest of the day after our rare yet satisfying exercise? We do the obvious-- indulge in starchy carbs. Yup! We were so hungry after the gym that we thought, "hey, let's walk half an hour to this ramen place and burn more calories", great idea, right?  It would have been a good choice, if not for the extra carbs.

Well, at least we got the exercise in the morning. And, the ramen was too perfect!
We were still hungry, so we added takoyaki too.

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